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I put my humor into my patterns

Your product must ooze with your personality.

I think that’s what makes a great company who I love doing business with, stand out from the crowd.

Take my own products. In most of my patterns, I insert at least a smidge of my personality into the directions. I like to write as if I’m talking to you, the end user.

I took the concept of adding my personality to a new level, a few years back while creating new patterns for the Row by Row Experience. I was asked to design a pattern that uses more than 1 of the Fabric Plates (by Debra Gebel of Zebra Patterns). I came up with 2 patterns for “Braggin Poles” which are long wall hangings that you can applique your plates into the design, showing where you’ve been on your Row by Row adventures. Hence the name “Braggin Poles”.

You can see the patterns HERE on my website.

When I was writing the first 2 patterns featuring the plates, my mind wandered around the common obstacle many quilters face . . . . . a husband or wife that doesn’t share their enthusiasm (some may call obsession) with quilting.
I began making up funny news stories that could easily be featured in any local newspaper.  And I thought it would be really funny to publish them as if they were actual newspaper clippings and print them on the pattern covers.
I wrote these patterns a few years ago, and have often wondered how many people actually stopped and read the clipping on the cover.
Anywho – I thought it would be fun news, in this newsletter, to share my humor with you, as it’s the channel my brain most often is tuned to.
Here are the 2 fake newspaper clippings featured on those patterns.

If you have these fabric license plates you’ve collected, I hope you’ll click on over to our webpage where we have all of the RxR patterns I’ve designed.

And, if you have a hilarious story to share about hiding your stash, your loot or fibbing about your hobby $’s – I’d love to hear it, and possibly share it in a future post. I can change names to protect the innocent.  Anywho, please email it to me at julie@patchabilities.com

Please share this blog post with your pals, if you feel it’s “worthy”.

Piece out.


One thought on “I put my humor into my patterns

  1. I’ve seen your patterns and loved them–and yes I’ve read those “news” articles. They are awesome. I’m lucky in that my husband actually goes with me on my RxR hunts and quilting adventures and HELPS pickout the fabrics!! How many husbands do that!?! He HELPS me spend the $$ and even will come home from time to time with fabric and say, I went into to ….store and saw this and thought it would make up into something really pretty or cool or ….. fill in the blank. But he brings ME the fabric. I don’t have to hide a thing! It’s AWESOME!!


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