How to Put an Ackfeld Wire Hanger on your Quilt Project

Hi Quilting Friend!
We had a question about how to use an Ackfeld Wire Hanger, so we made a little tutorial for you!
If you have an Ackfeld wire hanger (what we sell), there is a decorative metal part and a wooden dowel.  The metal can be bent slightly so that you’re able to pull off the wooden part.  Then you can slip that wooden part through the sleeve, and re-attach the wire part of the hanger.
Here’s a step by step picture tutorial-
Step one-  You have an awesome Ackfeld hanger.  Congrats!  You know quality when you see it!


Step Two- Bend the metal away from the wooden dowel until the two come apart.
Step three-  Take the wooden dowel all the way off the metal hanger.  Slide it through the sleeve you’ve created.
Step four-  Reattach the wire to the wooden dowel.  WooHoo!  You’re done!
And that, my friends, is How to Put an Ackfeld Wire Hanger on your Quilt Project.
Find some great one day, beginner friendly mini quilt projects at www.patchabilities.com   Don’t forget to get the hanger too!!

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