How to Bind a Quilt Video – 6 Easy Steps


For most beginner quilters, it’s intimidating.  Pff, for many seasoned quilters, it’s still a challenge.  I too was intimidated at first.  Then challenged once I did learn how to put them on my designs.  But, now I’m comfortable at doing bindings.  MM809onhanger

I’m sharing a terrific video by Heirloom Creations today.


It’s a terrific video that may help you too, become comfortable at binding your quilts.  Happy binding everyone!



Wishing for a new way to hang?

How do you hang your finished quilted wall hangings?

I’d love to hear your creative ideas and thoughts.

Let me guess:

  • pin to your wall by pounding in sewing pins with the handle end of your scissors. Yikes!
  • Use really sticky double sided tape and press the hanging to the wall with the force of a rhino until the tape has no choice but to stick to the wall and your fabric
  • Run an unsharpened pencil thru the hanging sleeve to act as a dowel and hang upon 2 sewing pins (pounded into the wall)
  • use a nice metal or wire hanger that compliments the design
  • Or you hadn’t thought of any of these clever ideas, so it’s still lying on “the pile” (and we all know what the pile is and don’t deny having one . . .. . Cuz we know better)

When I do get around to hanging them up, I generally use one of the handy Ackfeld Wire hangers that I’ve designed. 6i beachchairBut . . . . . sometimes I want something different.  Something more “home decor ‘ish”.

I began thinking how I could hang my new pelican in my bathroom with a “fresh” “beachy” look.  See, the Pelican on the left looks like he’s sitting near the beach all framed up.

Pelican framed in 6x22 White Barnwood frame
Pelican framed in 6×22 White Barnwood frame
Pelican bound, unframed

Here on the right, is another Pelican and he’s been simply bound (fabric) and will hang upon a lovely metal hanger (eh hem, rather than one of my other inventive hanging methods).

I really didn’t want it to hang on a “hanger”, as I said, so being a creative gal, I thought “my Pelican would look real classy in something like a wood frame that looks slightly weathered, not all shiny and new.  Hmmm.  Oh yes, that sounds like a terrific idea.



Here’s what I came up with, a white Barnwood frame.  An all-wood frame, not laminate, not plastic, not pressed or processed wood, not plywood.  Real wood.  And it’s assembled by an actual human, who glues the corner seams in addition to nailing it together.  Yes folks, it’s well crafted.  It can take a slight drop and not snap like dry spaghetti  . . . . and I should know because I’ve, well, tested it accidentally.

6×22 white Barnwood frame

Oh, say!  This is cute.  And I can frame any 6×22 quilted hanging.

Any 6×22 hanging you say?

Yes, any 6×22 (finished size) mini quilt can be mounted and framed in this beautifully crafted all wood frame.

You can check out all the product details here.

So, that’s my new fantastic (if I may say so myself) idea for hanging my 6×22 quilted wall hangings.  I’ll be hanging many more of my own designs in our home now.