New T-shirt Design

PO5669051-front2bI went to college at Iowa State University wuh-hay back in 1990.  Jeeze, it’s been that long ago?  Yes, I say proudly, yes it was that long ago.  Anywho, while in college we made up lots of T-shirts which we’d get printed for our loop of friends.  It’s a cliche I know, but it’s college and college is all about the experience . . . . and making T-shirts that will remind you of your very expensive “experience” for the coming years.  I’ve lost them all thru the umpteen moves over the years, which is okay.  I like to think I’ve graduated from “reach down and grab your junk” T-shirts, I mean I’m a Mom now, I can’t be caught wearing that!

So . . . what in tarnation do my memories of making “suggestive” T-shirts in college have to do with . . .. well anything?

I’ll tell ya.  As I was finishing up my newest designs a couple weeks ago, which happen to be flip flop and seashore themed, I had an urge to make myself a new “summer” T-shirt like that of one of my patterns.  One in particular kept talking to me, I swear, telling me “I’d look so good on a T-shirt, Julie, you know I would”.  And since I’d just weeded out some old ratty see-thru T-shirts from my wardrobe (if the term wardrobe can describe my drawer of T-shirts and Columbia nylon shorts – yeah, I’m that fancy) this was the perfect time to send in replacements.

First I’ll show you the cute cute cute summer flip flops pattern I created.  By the way, they were called thongs when I was a kid, but I thought it might hinder sales if I designed it using the word “thongs”.  then again maybe it would open new sales avenues.  hmmm.


P154  Keep Calm Yeah – pretty cute eh?  The background is meant to resemble weathered wood.  If I had a beach bungalow, this would be an absolute must to hang on the wall.  Mmmm . . . . beach bungalow . . . . .  Wake up Julie, you’re dreaming of the beach again.  I live in Iowa in case you didn’t know . . . . not a seashore within 2 day’s drive.  This is the design that kept nagging me to make a T-shirt.  It’s worthy of T-shirt frontage, don’t you think?  It’s quilt inspired, but doesn’t scream quilting.

PO5669051-front2b PO5669051-front2 PO5669051-front2aAnd Here it is in 3 summer “beachy” cool colors.  I tested a couple t-shirt brands first to find a soft, lightweight 100% cotton shirt that fits me nice.  By nice I mean it doesn’t cling to me like a wet T-shirt, it lets my eh-hem, curves relax without enhancing them, and I hate the newer so called “woman’s cut” T’s that have sleeves that crop up to my shoulder, thus defeating the purpose of a sleeve, which we all know is to hide upper arm flab.  Duh.  Short sleeves must actually be sleeves in my fancy wardrobe, not slivers.  Oh, and it must be machine washable and dryable.  The last thing I need is to be handwashing anything I wear.  If it can’t be washed and thrown in the dryer, it simply is not worthy of my one-of-a-kind wardrobe.

You may be asking “what about me, Julie, how can I add this cool summer T to my fancy summer wardrobe”?  Well, my friend, I thought of that too.  In fact we are selling these on our website and thru a handful of terrific quilt shops (check with your local shop).  So for a mere $19, you too can enhance your T-shirt collection and look and feel cool this summer.  These won’t be like our patterns which are available always.  They are a printed in a limited quantity and available for a limited time.  When they are gone, they will be gone.

As a matter of fact, I’m using this T-shirt as sort of a test.  If our one-of-a-kind T-shirts are a hit, then I’ll be happy to tap into my T-shirt idea folder for future wardrobe enhancements.  So, we need your feedback because that’s what a test is all about . .. testing the market.

Do you enjoy wearing a quilt-inspired, one-of-a-kind T-shirt ?

Would you buy such a T-shirt?

Would you give this type of T-shirt as a gift?

If you own a shop, would you want to carry T-shirts such as these for your customers to purchase?

I would really love your feedback on the T-shirt concept.  If you will give me feedback (to these posted questions or any other good feedback), and post it to our Facebook page, I will be GIVING A FREE T-SHIRT to one very lucky person.  We will draw a name on Friday May 29th from all the feedback posts on our FB page and award them a T-shirt of their color choice.

So, to recap, here’s how you could win a FREE super cute T-shirt

  1. go to our Facebook page: and leave feedback to those questions
  2. if we draw your name, we will contact you via email or FB message for your mailing address.
  3. or to make darn sure you get your super cute T-shirt, go to our website and order one for yourself
  4. better yet, drop great big hints to your friend, hubby, or whomever and get them to order one and suprise you with it!  That’s the best idea yet!!!  but please give us feedback.