Today’s ‘lil post is about little surprises that seem to pop out at you when you aren’t expecting them.

Surprise #1:  I like my coffee.  And so with coffee comes potty breaks each morning.  At this morning’s first potty break, I received my first little surprise of the day.  As I pulled my pants down (as one must do to properly and cleanly go potty) I glance at my underwear . . . . . . . . . . which were inside out!  WHAT!  How did this happen I quickly ask myself, knowing exactly how it happened, I mean duh Julie, you obviously held your undies inside out and pulled them on this morning . . . . but I got dressed in the light.   Hmmm.  Guess I need to hit the coffee prior to getting dressed.  So, inside out undies is surprise #1. . . . . . . oh, and I know how lovely it is to have an image to look at while you read, but in this instance I’ve made the bold decision NOT to include a pic of my undies.  Insert all of your “thank you’s” here.

The Hog. Though, some folks may call it a printer

Surprise #2:  I get here to the office to do a little printing to start the day.  We have lots to print as the new Monthly Mini 8 series patterns are rolling out the door beginning today to quilt shops across the country.  Minutes after I turn on the printer, it decides that it is just too pooped to party today and tells me it has a fatal print error.  Sweet.  “I wonder if I can use that excuse sometime”.

And so, I predict my Surprise #3 today will be:  The printer tech dude will call and inform me he is on vacation, backed up, or some dumb excuse why he cannot drive his little electric car over here today to fix this hog of a machine . . . . . oh please let there not be a surprise #3 today.

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