Where Have I Been Hiding? (originally posted May 5, 2013)

Oh my, so I see many many months have passed since my last blog and I promised you I’d get better at updating this.  My deepest apologies.  My excuse?  Uh, let’s go with “mommy brain”.  Yeah, that’s it.
Well, as you may imagine, being a new Mom (yes, I still consider myself new even after 15 months of intense practice) has me trying to figure out how to squeeze 30 hours of tasks into a 24 hour day.  And I have to schedule in sleep somewhere in there, because this Mommy needs her sleep.  You know how it happens, we women have far too many jobs on our list to accomplish each day and inevitably a few of them slip off the radar.  Hence the lack of blog updates.
Enough of my too-much-to-do-too-little-time mumbo jumbo, how about some picture of Lewie and an update of what I’m doing.
Lewie loves baths, but this was becoming a common occurance in the sink, so he’s graduated to the bath tub since this.
I have grand ambitions of providing my kids a pluthera of creative activities to nurture the imagination.  Here’s my first project with him – I made playdough from scratch and gave it to him – he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, but liked the squishy feel.  I was so tickled that I correctly made playdough!  Oh, by the way this is from just about 2 months ago – he’s @ 13 months in this picture.
Okay, this is what happens when winter hangs on with a death grip in Iowa . . . . in May!  We had 3 inches of snow on May 2nd/3rd.  We were the lucky ones – just north they received 18 inches of snow!  Last year, all the trees were leafed out and spring was in full swing.  Lewie and I had to go out and pose for a picture of this late snow with our sweet girl Harper, she’s our golden retriever who is as adorable as she appears here.
 And so that you can see what takes up most of my time (who can blame me) you can understand why I let other tasks slip by, when I can spend my time snuggling and playing with Lewie and Harper.  That, and I still have this huge misconception that I can keep a clean house with a toddler, dog, full time job and hubby.  Oh you can laugh at me, I do. I may give up that idea one day, but for now it drives me crazy to have my house looking like a tornado just swept thru and left dog hair and food all over the kitchen floor.  
As always, I promise to blog more often.  I really do try and I have to say I enjoy sharing my happenings with everyone who’s interested in reading it, now I just have to pencil in the time to get it done.  
Thanks for peeking in on me.  

Online Shopping Now Available

Online Shopping Now Available

I have decided it’s time to shake things up here at Patch Abilities.  Knowing that when you shake it up, some things naturally find new positions.  Hence, I have 2 new positions to report on today.

1 )The first being that my blog has been shaken up and it landed here at this new location.  My goal is that this is easier for me to access and (gasp!) keep it updated better.  Yeah, dare to dream.  Mwah, ah ah!

2) The other big shake up is (and the most exciting) .. . . . . do you hear the drumroll?  I’ve added a complete online store to my website: http://www.patchabilities.com.  Hence, the image above.

What’s the reason I’ve decided to offer online shopping direct?  Not for a lack of fantastic quilt shops that carry my product, that’s for sure.  Quilter’s have been contacting me for years asking if they can buy from me because either a shop near them does not carry my products, the products they want, or they live way out in the boonies and don’t have the luxury of traveling frequently to a great quilt shop.
After a ton of thought, preparation and consideration for quilt shops that carry my product, I’ve concluded that Patch Abilities.com will not take away business from quilt shops.  Here’s why:  I’ve designed over 150 different patterns, carry more than 50 different hangers and countless button packs.  What quilt shop do you know of that will stock “everything”?  I only know of one and I’ll save that topic for a later blog post.   So, it’s no wonder there are some gaps out there where you cannot find your Patch Abilities fix locally or online.  Hence, my intention is to fill the gap by offering you online shopping convenience direct from the wonderful world of Patch Abilities.  Ahh, sounds pleasant doesn’t it.

I want to take a moment to encourage you to shop local if and whenever possible.  Without those quilt shops, none of us would have a hobby as extensive and rewarding as quilting.  All I can offer you is product, but the quilt shops offer an experience, expertise, priceless advice, fabric kits and classes amongst other things. Please support your local quilt shop and ask for Patch Abilities products if you do not see them displayed.

That said, I am happy to have your business when you need my services and products at http://www.patchabilities.com
Enter Online Store

Thanks for peeking into Patch Abilities.

~Julie Wurzer