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What Fusible Webbing Do I Use?

Ahhhh.  Fusible Webbing.  If you applique it is definitely your friend.  It’s certainly mine.  One question I receive often is, “what fusible webb do you prefer”.

Up to 4 weeks ago, I would tell you that I personally did not have a preference.  That’s because I’d never tried anything other than Heat n Bond.  Yep, never.  Anything else.  Ghee, maybe the company that makes that should read this post – ha ha.

Well, I did say up until 4 weeks ago didn’t I.  So what happened?  I ran my bolt clean out.  Empty.  Nada, nil, zilch.  Crap. (my actual word)


I needed to finish a couple new towel samples for this new pattern, but didn’t have the time to wait for a new bolt to be shipped in.  We quilters are antsy ya know.  No patience when we’re in the heat of a project.

So, I asked my Mom, (aka Merry of Merry’s Stitchins) if she had a little to spare.  She too had just had a hot run on the stuff and was nearly out.  Well, I couldn’t wipe her out, being she’s a retail quilt shop and all.  But she did offer me some “Steam a Seam”.  Hmm.  So I gave it a try.

It has what I think are pros:

  • it’s lighter than Heat n Bond, so my fabric isn’t as stiff
  • when you peel off the backing paper, it’s a bit sticky so it stays in place quite easily before you fuse it with an iron

But it had one pro that will probably keep me with my ‘ole reliable

  • it gummed up the needle on my machine – I had a little puff ball of lint that would build up quickly about half way up my needle and when I rubbed the needle to remove the puff, I could feel the needle was sticky

So, I now have a new answer to the question “what fusible webb do you prefer”.

My answer is Heat n Bond Lite.  It has all pros for me:

  • it does not leave a sticky film on your needle
  • it comes in Lite and Heavy – use the heavy if you don’t want to stitch around something as it fuses strong enough not to need it.

Yep.  That’s my answer and I’m stickin’ to it.


p.s.  oh, did you like that towel pattern?  There’s one for every season.  Check them out here on our website

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