Road Trip to Gramma’s

A couple weeks ago, we had 3 days where our sitter was off duty.  I had posted the first 2 days on how our “no daycare” days were going, but did not manage to get an update on day 3.   So here’s a little recap on how our “day 3” rolled along:

whole-gang-shopOn day 3 of “no daycare” I took a vote on who needed to get out of the house.  All in favor raised their hands, mine being the highest it trumped all other votes.  The weather that day was absolutely disgusting with below zero temps and gusty winds.  Yeah Mother Nature, as if your 20 below zero wasn’t enough, the added 40 mph winds really warmed it up that day.  Holy crap!  So, needless to say, getting out for some fresh air more than 4 seconds was not an option.

Plan B:  road trip to Grammas.  Yep, great idea.  So off we trekked to Grammas, aka Merry’s Stitchins quilt shop.  We took a group shot.  Mom and I are in the middle (Gramma holding Lewie, and I holding Jack).  It was just what we needed.  And Gramma never turns down a chance to snuggle either.

My next post will include a sneek peek at new designs . . . . . tease tease.


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