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Love is in the air

Its Saturday morning here in the wurzer clan cave.  The temps outside are something ridiculous like negative 8. Which makes me wonder again this winter, why in the hell we live in Iowa, at least thru  the winter.  So whats a mommy of two little squirts to do?  Well, going outside to play will NOT be an option, no matter how a much Lewie begs.


So with a brand new set of Monthly Minis just getting underway, I suppose i should finish the set of samples I make for my mom’s shop. (www.image. Today, I think I’ll make a goal to finish the February sample.  “Love in the Air” is this one.  I have the words all embroidered, now I need to finish the heart stems, put on a bow and ribbon on the gifts and it’s ready to deliver to gramma tomorrow when we make our weekly Sunday gramma visit.  She is a speed demon at putting on bindings so she said she’d happily do that last step.


I really love this design, no pun intended. most of the work is done on this so perhaps my goal isn’t over ambitious . . . . Then again, I have two toddlers under the age of three, a messy house, coupled loads of laundry, and not enough coffee in my system. . . . . Hmmmm.  Well, shoot for the stars and hope to land on a pile of laundry, right?  Happy Saturday to you where ever you are.  By the way, if you live somewhere warm, do not leave a comment noting the sunny temp to  torment me.  Ha.

2 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. Love your little monthly minis! The way you write is marvelous to read. As to the temp at your place, I’m thinking I’m glad I don’t live there in the winter. Cold enough here for me – overcast, but no rain in sight.


  2. We live a state just above you so c-o-l-d here also. Don’t know why we stay either except the heartstrings are attached to grandkids and great grandkids. Love your valentine mimi!!!!!


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