Lessons Learned in Business

Why Do I Feed Overwhelmed by Social Media

Hey y’all.

Today in business, I feel like business owners are supposed to use every channel available to market their products, connect with their tribe, etc, etc.  And I don’t know if you’ve checked lately, but there are a cornucopia of social media channels to use: Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope . . . and that’s just the ones I can remember.  It’s overwhelming, for me anyway.  Currently we here at Patch Abilities, Inc headquarters, use 5 channels to connect to our tribe.  Jeeze, I had to look at the list and count how many we currently use and I am suprised we use that many.  I know there are apps and gadgets that help you to “simplify” posting on all these platforms, but it still feels a bit overwhelming to know we’re expected to consistently post great content on all these channels every week/day.

Sigh. Take a deep breath. Creating content for 5 channels feels like a mountain of work for me. I have my trusty sidekick Sabra (our Rockstar Customer Service Gal) to help create and post content. But honestly, I still feel overwhelmed with the entire load of content creation.

Why do I feel like social media is this gigantic mountain of work that I quite honestly, do not “want” to do? Shouldn’t I enjoy creating great social media content about my biz? I mean, I’m full of creativity, I’m a quilt pattern designer for crap’s sake.  Then guilt starts to set in – guilt that I don’t enjoy the social media aspect of business and I’m supposed to enjoy it.  I am supposed to love posting on social media right?  Isn’t there a law somewhere that says so?

I then compare myself, by business to other pattern designers who are kickin ass and taking names on Facebook and that never ends well, when you begin comparing yourself to others. Nope, never good.

So, I hate this feeling that I am not living up to my “pattern designer responsibilities”.  That, and my gut tells me we NEED to have a strong presence on social media to stay in the game.  “Okay Julie, why does creating social media content feel overwhelming”, I ask myself, attempting to solve this riddle. The answer is multi-level.

First, I come to the realization that I don’t have clearly defined goals for each social media channel.  Well, sure that makes sense that it feels like a mountain then. If I don’t know where I’m headed, how can I map out how to get there? Not having clear goals is the most obvious and easily managed answer. . . . now for the rest of the answer. . .. promise you won’t laugh when you see this.

I keep a disorganized office space nearly 99% of the time. This causes a disorganized mental space for me as well.  Pictures are a must in any blog post, so I just took 2 pics of my office/sewing room/design studio to show you what I’m talking about here.

Um, all I can say is please don’t show these pictures to anyone else!

I’ll give you a minute until you stop laughing.. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . still laughing? . . . . . . . . . . . ..  . . . . .


All good now?

I bet you’re asking  yourself “how in Haiti does she get ANY patterns designed and published in that space?”  That’s a valid question, my friend.

Little elves sneak in during the night and it all magically appears in the morning.  You should get some elves!

So, where in tarnation was I?  Okay, back to my epiphany as to why I haven’t been able to get my social media shit together.

I figured out the answer!

  • I must have clearly defined goals for each social media channel
  • AND my work space must be organized with a clear desk, with everything in it’s place. (uh, which you can clearly see, it is not at this moment)

Problem solved!  Right!  Yep, easy peazy.  I’ll just sit down, write out my goals for each social media channel and then clean my office and clear off my desk.

Until next week, when my desk looks like that again. Ugh.  Changing your habits isn’t as easy as that. I’m gonna have to work at this. Here’s a good start though, check out this list of goals:

  • take 10 minutes at end of each day to clean off my desk
  • put in place a couple of baskets to house things like papers/projects IN PROGRESS, etc. – to keep all papers organized
  • purge thru all the crap on those bookcases – is there anything that can go?
  • create a storage space for all my large wool pieces – stacked so I can see the colors for designing
  • find a home for everything that’s on the floor

I think that’s a dang good start.  Want me to post “after” pictures when I’m done?

Wanna know something?  I feel better having written this blog post. A little weight has lifted simply by letting it all out of my head. Coming up with clearly defined solutions makes it even better!

My guess is that you are creative too and if that’s true, then you too may experience your own disorganization in some way.  But here’s the thing about creative brains – – we’re not always organized, but we feel more creative and inspired when we are in a space where everything feels in it’s place (uncluttered if you will).  So, knowing this about myself will keep me motivated to get and stay organized.  Will my work space be neat and tidy 100% of the time, probably not, but I will keep the word “TIDY” at the front of my thoughts from now on.

I’d like to back up a tad and say that of all my social media channels, I’ve always had a clear goal for my blog and that’s because it’s stated right at the top of the blog. This is where I give you a peek into my world of Patch Abilities.  This is my channel where I get personal, share my challenges, my triumphs, my family.  And, you must like it because you’re still reading.  So for that I say “thank you” for reading.  Perhaps you’ll find something useful in here, or at the very least a good chuckle.

Thanks for peeking in on me.