The Wait for 8 is Over

In case you aren’t on our email newsletter list, here is the latest news flash.  If you are on our newsletter list and have already seen this, I hope it’s eye candy again. =)

The wait for eight is over!
Monthly Mini’s series 8
patterns are NOW on our website
Woo Hoo!!
Even Jack is excited about it!
Get a load of these.  Talk about eye candy.  They’re more than eye candy, they are super duper easy and you have 2 ways to display each design:  on the wall or on a stand. Check out the options here:  MM8 page.
One of our missions here at Patch Abilities Inc is to make your shopping for our products easier. We’ve just made it job easier, to get your paws on the latest pattern series.
if you prefer ordering our product online via our website.Easy #1:  All of the patterns, buttons, hangers and headers for Monthly Mini’s series 8 are up on our website. Click here to go directly to the MM8 page.

Ordering from our website is simple:
1 – go to http://www.patchabilities.com
2 – browse while in your pj’s if so desired
3 – find adorable patterns that catch your eye, add them to your cart
4 – your order is submitted to us, we send you an email confirm and estimate ship date.
5 – bada bing, bada boom!  You didn’t even have to get dressed, we don’t mind

Monthly Mini’s 8 patterns make terrific Projects of the Month of course.  But, are you required to buy the entire series?
No.  These patterns are available individually as well as a set/series.Are fabric kits available on our site?
No. We do not have fabric, we leave that to all the fun quilt shops to provide you with irresistible fabric choices.  Most shops that are selling our MM8 series offer complete fabric kits.  Take a look at the participating shop list here, to find a shop.  Even if no one is near you, contact them to see if they ship.  Ooh whee, that would be convenient . . . . You could still stay in your pj’s.Easy #2:  We’ve made it easy to order the buttons and hangers . . . . without leaving the pattern page.

WHAT?!   Look here
Yeah.  Here’s what we did:
1 – each pattern page now has “pattern options” – chose to buy the pattern with or without buttons
2 – and, each pattern page has “hanger options”
3 – Oh yes.  How easy is that?  Add all the corresponding products in one click.
4 – bada bing, bada boom.  Your job is done and it was easy.
~ Julie
psst, I’m in my pj’s as I write this -ha.  Are you?

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