Testing 123. . . .Im ba-ack

If you are a follower of this blog, then I owe you an apology.  I had given up on my blog and stopped putting any of my energy into creating posts.

I guess I needed a break. I went so far as to cancel my wordpress account, so I’m not even sure this post will reach a single soul. Which is why it truly is a test. I’m sending it out mainly to see if it gets published.  So, if you are by chance hoping for some life changing inspiration here . . . . . uh, this isn’t it. For today anyway.

Ive had a long break from posting and am ready to get back on the pencil. So stay tuned and please share with your pals because that’s how you inspire others, by sharing your experiences.  Um, I don’t mean share this exact post cuz it’s just a little blabber, but please share the future fantastic posts.

Tah Tah for now.


9 thoughts on “Testing 123. . . .Im ba-ack

  1. I wondered what happened! Since I love the patterns and have more than I’ve made (yet), I was hoping you’d be back.


  2. Hello! I still had your blog in my reader. Was sooo surprised to see this post. Welcome back, hope you got your groove back!


  3. Received your post so your account must be active. Would very much like to read your posts again. Hope you had a well deserved break.


    1. Hi Laurie

      Thanks for your comment and question. RxR? I am working on 2 designs right now. And I am actually looking for license plates to use on my samples. So if you have one and would like it featured on the pattern cover, then please, please mail one to me at: Patch Abilities, 29783 Quail Rd, West Union, IA 52175.
      What type of project (using plates) are you looking for for the RxR season? Big, small, using 1 or several plates, a specific season (such as winter, fall, etc). Think of what you “wish” someone would offer and let me know.


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