Making Valentines

Valentine’s Day being . . uh .. tomorrow, I have the task of rounding up Valentines for Lewie at daycare.  I’m the Mom who doesn’t give her kids candy if I can help it (who’da thunk that would be me), so I wanted to come up with a clever valentine idea that would not involve candy or cheap trinkets.  So, naturally I turned to Pinterest, which as we know is a wealth of ideas — too many most of the time, that it leaves my head dizzy and not able to choose just one idea.  Hmmm.

Well, with a business, 2 kids (3 if you count the hubby . . and ya do) and the tasks involved in keeping them all functioning, fed & clean, I knew I had to stay focused and be quick to find a great idea for a non candy valentine.  I even gave myself a time limit of how long I would browse Pinterest for a great idea.

Jackpot!  I knew I’d find an idea, or rather hundreds of ideas – but this time I was lucky to find it in the first few minutes of looking.  I settled on “Love Bugs” – valentines printed like a canning jar with a plastic bug attached to it.  Cute idea and little kids love big fake bugs.  But on our quest to find “bugs” at Wal-Mart (only store in our area) Lewie and I came up empty handed.  The toy department turned him into a little monster to boot!  Mommy had to quickly come up with plan B, with Valentine’s day just 2 days away and this was my 1 and only trip to the store.  Then we saw matchbox cars.  Oh how I loved those as a kid – I mean who doesn’t.  My Mommy brain was so focused on not spending endless minutes on this valentine thing, that I instantly thought to use matchbox cars as the valentines – with a cute note with them such as “make my heart race”.  So, 2 boxes of cars went into the shopping cart.

This morning, while I should be working on Patch Abilities, I am instead strutting like a peacock because I felt so creative with the cars.  Then I browsed the internet for a free race car image and quickly found a couple cute ones.  I pasted them into a document, printed them on card stock, grabbed a few small reclosable bags, cut the cards apart, place each car in a bag, stapled the card over the top of the bag and WHA-LAH!  I have race car valentines . . um, Lewie has race car valentines to hand out tomorrow.  As I browsed Pinterest, I see others had the same idea – – but how cute!

Here’s a pic of Lewie’s clever non candy valentines.


See – too cute eh?

And I thought I’d share a photo of Lewie hangin’ out while Mommy takes her morning shower.  He has his own tablet (I know – a 2 year old with a tablet) and loves to watch alphabet train videos on it while sitting in his chair with his feet propped up on the step.


I think it’s time I got back to work now – – after I get all the valentines ready for tomorrow.  HA!

Maybe I’ll browse a little more on Pinterest . . . hmmmm . .. and I wonder how time gets away from me!