New Design – Can You Guess?

I’m going to try something new. I like to give sneek peeks of new designs I’m working on.  Rather than reveal the finished design all in one shot, I thought about trying a method to build anticipation.  So, I’m going to give you one or two peeks at a time.  How about making it fun with giving you clues? I’d like your feedback on this, whether you find it fun or annoying. ha.  Please share with me.  Part of the reason I blog (other than keeping you up to snuff) is to entertain you for a few moments.  My goal with this method of peeks is to entertain with tease.  So here we go: imageThis is the only pic for this sneek peek.  This project is done in wool by the way. And now for the clue(s):  it is used as crafty Christmas garland material by the way – it’s laying upon my iron board which is stained . . .. that’s not part of the design.  HA! Good luck – send me your comments. ~Julie

One thought on “New Design – Can You Guess?

  1. Dang, I was thinking a 4th of July banner. Oh, well, I will probably fall in love with it when I see the whole thing. Keep up the great work!


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