Quilt Shop Tour: Lamb Creek Farm Quilts and Fabric in Henderson, Michigan

As you all know, we are O-So-Passionate about local quilt shops.  These folks are the real-deal.  Local quilt shops are where you can find “your people.”  The folks who own and manage quilt shops are filled with an amazing amount of knowledge and experience!  We want you to shop with them!  Here’s an introduction to one of our favorite shops!  Enjoy!

Lamb Creek Farm Quilts and Fabric in Henderson, Michigan

“Our goal is to provide first quality quilting fabric at affordable prices for quilters and those who are into making quilted purses and handbags. We are a full line quilt shop offering fabrics, notions, Quilter’s magnets, you name it. If we don’t have it in stock, we will get it for you. We also offer classes for those who would like to learn to quilt and those who want to learn to make beautiful quilted purses.” ~ Joie, Owner
This shop recently expanded!

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Lamb Creek Farm Quilts and Fabric even has a mascot!

If that doesn’t make you want to visit, I’m not sure what will!  Such a sweetie!!  Joie also has a flair for story telling.  Here’s a little ditty she wrote on Facebook.

Seams and Quips
By Joie Holcomb

What does quilting mean to you? To many of us, quilting may be a way to display our creative genius or our ability to create a work of art from fabrics that, once whole, we cut into tiny pieces only to sew together again. Many of us ‘quilt’ because we need an outlet to create something we consider beautiful with our hearts and hands. Others quilt for the pleasure of giving something useful to a loved one, friend or simply to someone in need. In my humble opinion, most quilters are very generous people and it’s in the giving of their quilts that they find the most reward.

In today’s world, quilting is considered to be a form of art, but this hasn’t always been the case. In early America fabric for quilts came from recycled clothing, feed sacks and other materials. When tattered and worn, quilts were never thrown away, they were patched and re-used or used as fillers for other quilts. Quilts were strictly utilitarian – used for warmth on beds, and on doors and windows to keep drafts out.

The word ‘quilt’ quilt comes from the Latin ‘culcita’ meaning ‘stuffed sack’. As a noun it means a stitched 3-layer bed covering. Used as a verb it is the act of stitching the 3 layers together.

It wasn’t until the Frontier was being conquered that woven fabrics became available. Thus began the expansion of quilting and the means for it to evolve into the art of quilting that we enjoy today.

One more fun story from Lamb Creek that happened earlier this week…
I don’t know if you’ll get a giggle out of this or not, but I couldn’t help myself. My husband has a sewing machine cleaning and repair service (he has his own little shop attached to our quilt shop). My phone rang today and it as a man saying that his wife’s machine wasn’t working and he wanted to have it fixed for her Christmas present. I said “Sure, we can help you. What kind of machine is it?” He said “It’s a PAFE”. Huh? I asked again. Frustrated he says “It’s one of them PAFE machines!” I asked if he could spell it for me, so he did: “P- F – A – F – F! It’s a PAFE!” Like I was so stupid because I didn’t know what a PAFE machine was! LOL I didn’t crack up until I made sure the call was disconnected. He’s coming to drop the machine off this week. Bless him for giving me a good giggle on such a dreary (weather) day. ~ Joie, Owner

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