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Help Me, Help You

20160120_141118 Happy Friday!  I’m glad you stopped by.  Today, I have an awesomely open-ended question that will help help help you.  That is, if you provide me with your answer.

So what’s the question?

The BIG question is this:

If I were to GIVE you something for FREE, something that would be so-so helpful to you, what would that “FREE-MIUM” be?

Now, you may be thinking “What did she just say? She wants me to tell her what she should GIVE to me?”

Yes, I want to know what “FREE-MIUM” I could give you that would help you, and help build your trust in me.

Here are some examples to help you think of your answer:

  • a printable page showing in full color, all the steps from start to finish on how to bind a small quilt – including a photo for each step – and written so simply, that someone who’s never put on a binding before, can follow along . . and actually get it done.
  • a beginner’s guide to applique, with color photos of every step I take to create gorgeous, frustration-free applique projects.
  • or my top 5 tips on how to machine applique, so that you can eliminate the frustrations you find with “applique”
  • or, a printable tutorial/page showing you how to hand-blanket stitch, with nice photos showing each step
  • or a printable tutorial/page showing how to hand embroider using my top 5 stitch types
  • or my favorite recipes for using my crockpot
  • or a video on how to use fusible webbing
  • or directions on how to “felt” wool using your washing machine and dryer
  • or . .. anything else you can think of

It can be anything.  Whatever you can think of that would make your day easier, today.  Whatever would make your weekend project go more smoothly.

Perhaps it’s nothing to do with quilting.  Maybe it’s something you may think is totally off the wall. Whatever it is, I really want to know so please share it with me.

20151026_182620So, what would you like me to “GIVE” to you?

What will I do with your answer . . . . hmm.  Terrific question.  I plan to take all the answers I receive, find common themes, and begin to create several “FREE-MIUMS”.  Oh yeah! I am going to give you what you ask for (within my realm of capabilities that is).

You have tons to gain here . . . and not a darn thing to loose.  So, please, help me to help you.

Leave your answer in the comment section . . . .

I want to thank you right now, for sharing your answer with me.

IF you would like to email your answer to me, to keep it between just you and I, then please feel free to do so at:  julie@patchabilities.com

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