Lake Area Quilters Guild – Quilt Show in Clear Lake, IA

Here at Patch Abilities, even in our free time, we are looking for fun quilt related activities to do!  So this past weekend Sabra and her kids took the opportunity to check out a local quilt show put on by the Lake Area Quilters Guild in Clear Lake, IA.

I found out about this show by reading an advertisement in a local paper.  There was a little ditty about the show as well as a coupon for some discounted fabric at a Clear Lake shop.  Of course, it caught my eye.  I promised the kids a trip to the lake and a cookie after visiting the quilt show.  Of course they said “Yes!” enthusiastically, although, I suspect it was more for the treat than for the show.  So off we went…

Lucky for you, I’ve documented the whole adventure, and I’m going to share it with you!  The theme of this show was, “Quilts Through the Seasons.”

When I first walked in, I saw this beautiful quilt.

Quilt Name: “Coneflower Garden”  Made By: Connie B.  Quilted By: Sandi S.

History of the Quilt:  “A friend of mine was making this pattern when we took a trip to Denver, Colorado.  I just loved the pattern and had to make it.  I grow coneflowers and love them.”

As you can see in this picture, there was a card attached to each of the projects. When I’m offering information on each quilt, it came directly from each card.

Name: “Stain Glass Garden”  Made By: Del Rae B.  Quilted By: Del Rae B.

History of the Quilt:  “Several years ago, I made a “real stain glass” project, but I cut my hand, and dropped the black liquid on my carpet.  Then I went to a quilt shop- WOW and figured out that fabric will be a great medium for my projects!  This is a quilt of love over many years of marriage, moves, flooding, etc.  It was finally finished in 2017.  It was a block of the month by Connecting Threads.  The quilting was quilt as you go method, although I did not realize that was a name for what I did!”

Aaron was more interested in the Easter basket display rather than the cute quilt next to him!
Name: “Twisted Bunny” Made By: Karen R. Quilted By: Sandi S.

History of the Quilt: “I saw this pattern made up at the Iowa Falls quilt shop and I liked it.  I wanted to try this twisted technique.  I think the technique waste a lot of fabric but like how it looks finished.”

1iebYu5oRGyJ5jolWTdV4gName: “Red & White Blocks” Made By: Kym B. Quilted By: Patti K.

History of the Quilt: “Creston Retreat IA & NE girls.  Everybody made a 12″ red and white block for a drawing.  I won them!  Each block is quilted differently by Patti K. I love red and white quilts!”


Name: “Crown Royal” Made By: Cindy W. Quilted By: Marian E.

History of the Quilt: “The pattern used is Attic Window.  This was a gift to my husband, and he loves it.  He makes the bed every morning just to look at it.  One hundred and fourty three bags were used to make the quilt.”

Here’s a close up of this quilt for you.


I would like to note – that’s a lot of dedication.  Not only to the drinking, but also to the collecting and the quilt making!  Well done!


Name: “Halloween Witch on a Broomstick” Made By: Pam M. Quilted By: Marian E.

History of the Quilt: “I saw this wall hanging up at the Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN and instantly loved it.”


Name: “Poke a Dots” Made By: Kym B. Quilted By: Marian E.

History of the Quilt: “Creston Retreat IA & NE girls.  We each had to bring any kind of poke-a-dot fabric to exchange to make 10″ blocks.  I made this for my Granddaughter, Elynn Rose.”

I personally loved this one so much!  The blue is so cheery, and who doesn’t love polka dots?!


Name: “Seven Sisters” Made By: Kym B. Quilted By: Patti K.

History of the Quilt: “The hand sewn circles, 72 in all, are from Warren’s grandma.  The fabric is very old & fragile!  So I decided to hand applique them. It was a three year process that I did during road trip.  Patti K’s quilting made the quilt so beautiful.  It will be a great heirloom to treasure!”

Here’s a close up of her handiwork… so beautiful!


I have no information on this sewing machine cover, but it’s super adorable!!!  Love it!



Name: “Spider Web” Made By: Marian L. Quilted By: Marian E.

History of the Quilt: “The spider web is a fun way to think about spider webs we find both inside and outside.

Sorry this picture is a bit wonky!  I was holding one of my kids… we were nearing the end and they were tired out!


Name: “On Ringo Lake” Made By: Kym B. Quilted By: Marian E.

History of the Quilt: “This is a bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt from 2017.  It reminds me of the sunsets & walking beaches of South Padre collecting seashells.  The backing is all seashells.  This quilt was made from my stash fabric.”

There wasn’t any information on this quilt, but it’s a quilt made up of county fair ribbons!!!  Years and years of ribbons from different counties around Iowa.  (The black box is close up look of the quilt for you.  If you can see, the big North Iowa Fair Ribbon is from 1925!)  It was a beautiful project rich in history and handiwork!

There were so many more beautiful quilts that I didn’t have the chance to show you.  If you’ve never been to a quilt show, I encourage you to find a local show and take in.  It was a really great adventure for both myself and my kids!

This was the final picture I took at the show…

LOL. I wore them out (for a few minutes anyway!)

Thanks for taking the time to check out the show with me!  Kudos to the members of the Lake Area Quilters Guild – You put on a great show!




2 thoughts on “Lake Area Quilters Guild – Quilt Show in Clear Lake, IA

  1. Thanks for sharing about our show. I was very involved with this show and the ribbon quilt was in our bed turning presentation. It was made by my grandmother, ribbons from my grandfather exhibiting pure bred Hampshire’s he raised. Dates on ribbons from 1915-1938. I am honored to own it and honored you shared about it.


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