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What do you do when you come to the end of blanket stitching?

This is a blog post for folks who are so new to blanket stitching by hand that they aren’t quite sure how they should tie a knot in their thread. Go ahead and admit it, I won’t tell. You’re in beginnerville babay. 

I remember when I was taking my first stitches at hand blanket stitching. Uncertainties were everywhere.

How do I tie my starting knot, is there a right way? How do I start stitching, where do I start, do I just stick my needle in anywhere?  Oh grasshopper, I have so much to teach you.

tell ya what. I learn better by watching and thought you might too. I am sitting on y front porch is afternoon while the kids are napping and I thought “I should video myself as I start and end my blanket stitching.  So that’s just what I did.

I stepped into the house, grabbed my iPad, propped it up and hit record. Here is my totally unscripted (uh, obviously) video of how to finish when you come to the end of blanket stitching.  Click here for the first saga on “how to begin blanket stitching” to see how I begin by taking that first stitch.  Those first and last stitches are where I had the most questions and I bet you do too, so grab some popcorn and watch the flicks.

and please leave me a comment.  And if ya like the video or found it helpful please please rate it. That will help others find it too.

if you think it stinks, um well, maybe don’t rate it.  But do tell me because I don’t want to put out crappy videos.

And thanks for peeking in.

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