Where Am I?

When the river of creativity start flowing, where do you go to jump in?

Me?  I get out my pencil (with the awesome eraser that erases nearly any unwanted pencil marking) which I guard like a doberman on a steak.  Not all pencils are created equal you know . . . . or maybe you didn’t.  Well, anywho – now I’m just jabbering. . . . back to the story about where am I.  Maybe I don’t know where I am, judging by my current ramblings – ha!

Okay, seriously now, where was I . . . oh yeah, “where am I.”  Tee Hee.  I’m reminding myself of a good Smothers Brothers bit now.  So, when the creative river flows, I get out my trusty design pencil and sketch until I’m spent – sometimes it’s an hour, other times it’s a couple hours of  sketching.  Whatever the duration, I have a handful of sketched designs that are now needing fabric to bring them to life.

So I hop in the car and trek about 50 minutes South to my Mom’s.  She just so happens to have the most awesome quilt shop in all the land!  Merry’s Stitchins is her shop.  Merry being my Mom.  Yes, Merry spelled that way – her birthday is in July . . .  duh, no – -her birthday is in December.

Her shop has over 5000 bolts of fabric and they always have the newest fabrics.  So, it’s the perfect place to be to pick fabrics for new designs.  And since I’m her daughter (insert eyelash batting here) I get the run of the place.  Woo Hoo!  Release the hounds!  Well, last week the river of creativity hit and I jumped in, made a few sketches and so here I am.

image This is me standing in front of the Patch Abilities section at Merry’s Stitchins.  Quite the selfie eh?

Her shop is both a quilter’s dream, and this designer’s dream place to create.  Ahhh.  If you’re anywhere near driving distance from Jesup, Iowa, you must make a road trip.  I may be her biased daughter, but not so in this case – her shop is a quilter’s destination.  So now that I’ve plugged Mom, as any good daughter would, how about I end this post with a few pics of the boys.  I’ll end on cute today. =)

image Jack can sense the dishwasher door being open!  It’s a talent I cannot comprehend, but he comes running like a shot every time.  So, I let him sit on the door one day and play.  He kept busy for about 20 minutes.

image Lewie and I took this selfie, while we were mixing up monkey bread.  No words needed.  Our faces say it all.

I’m staying busy.  I hope to give you some sneek peeks real soon of what I was working on for new designs today.  Keep your eyes open, at least on one side.


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