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What’s keeping me cool this summer?

Wow, summer is in full swing and the fun is just beginning.
. . . . and the pool is open Woo Hoo!!!

The boys and I jumped into our (first of many) closest pool yesterday!
OMG was it nice.

Yes, they look so grown up don’t they?  Lewie is now 7 and rocked 1st grade, Jack is 5 and is ready to jump into Kindergarten. They both have different likes and personalities.  Ahh, I love being a mom!  It’s the greatest job in the world.  And I get paid in kisses and hugs – the very best form of payment I say.

Know what else is good summer fun?
Traveling, visiting quilt shops, collecting good stuff, adding to your stash (despite groans from the peanut gallery) and . . . .

Makin Lemonade!  Yay-yah

Hate the thought of “machine quilting” a table runner?
I feel yer pain.
I designed this table runner to be 100 percent machine quilting free!
Yep, it’s a simple quilt-as-you-go method that anyone can do. Yes, even you.

Want it immediately?  Click HERE to order the digital download

Live Simply Blessed – table runner
Finished size 14 x 38 in. 
With refreshing light yellows as the back ground, each end of the runner has a vintage Ball canning jar vase for lemon branches and white daisies. The words Live Simply appliqued on each side of the runner and the words Blessed and simply embroidered on the Ball jar to mimick the antique Ball logo.
You can whip this up in one hot afternoon and sip lemonade on it the next.

If you’re lovin’ the lemons in everything this summer,
I have several Lemonade and Lemon themed summer projects –
click HERE on our what’s new page to see them all.

My Favorites for the Season

I Know Spring is Here When . . . . .

Happy Spring!

Does it look like spring where you live? Around here, the first signs are beginning to reveal themselves.

After a long cold winter I routinely pace the stepping stones each day, along my flower beds to catch the very first signs of “green”. Anything that shows “green” gets me so excited that I squeal with delight, and loud enough for my little boys to hear me so that they too will run over to see what Mom is squealing about. They are 3 and 5 this spring, and I’ve implanted this giddiness for the first signs of spring into them as well. And to hear 2 little boys squealing about flower, pointing them out to me, is pure joy.

So, for us here in St. Lucas, Iowa, our very first signs of spring are the Crocus. I have them planted in several spots, in flower beds, under a pear and a cherry tree . . . . . and their blooms reassure me that warmer days really are ahead. I especially love that they bloom despite the damp, bone-chilling temps of early spring, which often include a few blankets of snow. The Crocus, I guess you could say, are like a trigger for me. As indicated by my squeals, I am instantly overflowing with excitement that “IT” really is here. Not like I thought it would not come this year, because when was the last time mother nature skipped a season? But those of us that live where the winter seems to drag on and on and on . . . . and on, we NEED this trigger, this blatant sign of optimism.  SPRING!  My sign is the Crocus flowers.

I love this little bloom so dearly, that I’ve incorporated it into some of my designs.  Which for some, answers the question “Julie, where do you come up with your ideas”.

These are (from left to right): MM11-5 In The Month of May, shown in wool and cotton & MM405 Watercan Blooms.

I used Crocus flowers in both. The Pussy willows would easily come in 2nd as one of my favorite 1st signs of spring.

Then there are the Tulips and Daffodils.  And oh, that reminds me, my Daffodils are all sprouted and the shoots are up about 3 inches . . . . . insert squeals here!  It’s only a matter of time until the orchestra of spring blooms begins BOOMING here in our yard!  YAY!

Does your heart ache for the first signs of Spring too? If you wish to show off your blooms too, please post pictures. The more blooms the merrier.

And I have one request of you: if you have made any of my designs containing my beloved Crocus, or any other blooms, would you please post a picture of it here, or on our Face Book page?

. . . . and that concludes my love for crocus.


My Favorites for the Season

Easter Project Suggestions

Can you really whip up an adorable Easter project in just a day?

Yes we can! Yes you can!
Oops, I have seen way too many political campaign ads in the past few months, living in Iowa . .. .

Easter is early this year.  March 27th to be exact.
So if you’re looking for a new Easter or spring project to stitch up in a jiffy, may I offer a few “sunny” suggestions. Click on images to shop.

Ooh Ooh! We’ve added “Pinterest” pin buttons to every item on our website. So, please feel free to pin everything you love and wish for. Oh go ahead and get pin happy.  Pin pin pin pin pin.

All of these projects are available thru ANY awesome quilt shop that carries Patch Abilities products. Please, if at all possible, drive or surf(the internet) to your local quilt shop and purchase locally.  Can’t stress “shop local” enough. 
Now, if you live in the sticks or if your local shop does not carry our products, then by all means, shop with us. (stepping down from soapbox now)

The 1st and probably my favorite is
MM804 Bunny Got Back
he finishes at 6″ x 12″ and has 2 hanging/display options: on your table with a stand (with interchangable headers) or on your wall with a 6″ hanger. 

Don’t forget the cute buttons for the flowers and eggs – he’ll look like he’s sitting in a green puddle otherwise.
$9 – pattern, $18.08  – pattern + buttons
$8.38 carrot hanger, or $9.84 carrot header (stand required)

How about a table runner?
MM904 Bunny Basket
finishes at 12″ x 40″ and the pattern has a “super simple” stamp on it – it’s true. This is a perfect beginner-friendly whip it up project.

$9.00  – pattern

There’s even a corresponding towel pattern:

$9.00  – pattern

And last, here are some of my long-skinny wall hangings that helped put Patch Abilities on the quilt map.
All of these finish at 6″ x 22″, except for Chocolate Bunny – he is 6″ x 20″.
Click on any image to shop

$9.00  –  each pattern
You’ll of course need a handy way of hanging any of these little cuties . . . . say something like . . . oh I don’t know . . . a hanger.

We won’t make you go hunting for an adorable hanger, no sir-ee.  We have those available too.  Yep-er-ree-do! We sure do.  When you click on an image, you’ll zoom over to that page on our website.  We have convenient purchase options in the dropdown menus.

So, there ya have it.  All of my favorite Easter projects.  Of course, I’ve done all of these . . . . . how many will you do?
Wishing you happy stitchin!

Psst . . . if, you really really love the fabrics you see here in our samples, I have a secret source for the fabric kits. 
As you may know, my Mom owns an awesome quilt shop near Jesup, Iowa.  Merry’s Stitchins. And it just so happens that I create all of my new designs from her fabrics . . . . so she has all of THE fabric kits. 

Whiz on over to Merry’s Stitchins by clicking here.

Or, give them a call to place your order immediately.