My Babes

Little Boys Love Big Fish

Not all of my posts need to be info or biz oriented, right?  Every now and then, I like to show peeks at how fast my little peanuts are growing, so today’s post is peekin’ at my cutie patooties.

Who thinks their kids are the cutest kids ever?  Uh, if you have kids and you didn’t raise your hand . . . well then I don’t know what to say, other than “I knew my kids are the cutest, I knew it, I knew it”.  This past weekend we took our first trip to see critters.  We took them to the Mississippi River Museum Aquarium in Dubuque, IA.


Here are my two little angels, Lewie and Jack, standing so sweetly in front of some huge fish.  Uh yeah, did I say sweetly?  Oh, I must have mistyped because as you can clearly see, sweet isn’t exactly what I see.  I see 2 little terds who were slightly less than a handful.  But in their defense, we had spent the night in a hotel room, way out of their routine, Lewie was coming down with the flu (as we soon after realized), and none of us had more than 4 hours of sleep.  So all things considered, they were pretty darn good little squirts and they definitely enjoyed seeing all the big fish, alligator, turtles and snakes.


And here’s one of my favorite poses that Jack has mastered.  He’ll shoot me in 15 years when he sees this, but for now I think it’s downright funny.  You go Jack, get them boogies!



And you saw me mention our Aquarium trip was actually day 1 of our family flu fun.  Yes, shortly after we left the aquarium and headed for home, fevers broke out on the kids, lasted for 2 days and just when we thought we had beat the flu bug, it had one last punch which was a cough that kept you up all night long.  Here’s a picture of Lewie on one of our sick days this week .  . . . looks are deceiving because a half hour after I took this glamour shot, he clonked out for a marathon nap.  Poor babies.  I’m happy to report that after 7 fun-filled days we have conquered that nasty bug and are looking forward to warm spring days and lots of fresh air.

Well, that’s a peek at my boys.  Cute little booger pickin peanuts of mine.  They really are the cutest kids ever!

My Babes

They still play

Ahhhhh.  Sigh of relief as our family Christmas comes to a close . . . Making the messes that is.  Now it’s time for mommy (aka me) to guzzle some coffee, put the kids down for a nap and release the hounds!  I mean begin clean up.  Sheesh what a job.

As I’m cleaning up the kitchen today, I paused to look around at where Jack is.  I’ve got the place jack proofed for the moment.  I look over to find him not playing with the countless new fun and awesome toys he and Lewie got for Christmas, rather, he was playing with a spoon and a shoe.  For the last half hour at least might I add.


I think it’s so funny that this is what can occupy his attention for so long.  Take note fischer price!

My Babes

One Last Nice Day

We’re having a mild fall this year.  Well, mild minus our recent stretch of 10 degree temps – – Yikes!  We had a lovely sunny warm afternoon last week.  Jack was napping and Lewie was due for his nap, but . . . . . . it looked so nice outside and I couldn’t resist, knowing this could be our last warm (warm compared to 10 degrees that is) day this year.  So, I made an executive Mommy decision and bundled Lewie and outside we went.  Whoo Whee.


We hadn’t put away our swings yet.  Bonus!

In case you’re wondering what that, uh hat is on his head, that is his bull hat.  It’s a bull head with horns and it is so stinkin cute!  And warm.  I know, how’d I get so lucky to have such adorable kids?  I gave them all I had!  HA.


My Babes

Sunday with Gramma 12/14

My Mom waited a long long long long time to finally be blessed with grand kids.  We live 50 minutes straight north of her and I make sure we make the trek each and every Sunday.  There’s not much that can keep us from our Sunday Gramma visit.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate one particular Sunday, sometimes we have to postpone our visit by a day or so, but some hell or high water, we see Gramma.  Lewie knows Sunday we go see Gramma.  And he’s becoming more aware of the days of the week, so he reminds me of our Sunday commitment often.


Gramma reads “Frosty the Snowman” . . . . . uh rephrase that.  Gramma “tries” to read Frosty the Snowman to Jack and Lewie.  Jack doesn’t sit still for more than, oh about 20 seconds.  There’s just too much to see and grab and clear off a shelf!  Ha.


Jack has recently figured out how he can wiggle his way out of his high chair and stand up in it!  Yeah, insert little heart attack for mommie.


Then there’s always kisses . . . . . of course he wouldn’t show his kisses for Gramma until after I put down the camera.  Little terd.


Gramma has a collection of Jim Shore santas.  Lewie found this one yesterday which has a rotating christmas tree scene inside the santa . . . . and he has a mouthful of chocolate reindeer cookie in his mouth.

Ahhhhhhhh . . . Sundays at Gramma’s.