Taking my babes to the sitter

brrrrr.  These winter mornings sure do shiver.  I bundle the boys all up as if they are headed outside for a 3 hour play date in the snow.  And it’s all just to make the 5 minute drive to the sitter.  Well, we live in the sticks and I plan for the worst.  Like if we were to slide into the ditch between home and our sitters home.  Oh please god don’t ever let that happen.  But if it does we will be prepared to hoof it to the nearest farm house which would not be more than 1/4 mile.

but still, we bundle.  and besides, why carry it when your kids can wear it?  Right?

anyway, I snapped a photo of my precious Angels this morning on our way.

2014-11-21_08-35-32_173 image

I stopped to take the pictures, in case you were wondering.

lewie looking cool in his shades and Jack has clonked  out in just a couple short miles.

oh what cutie pies of mine.

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