Just Fun

Wool rug hooked chair pads

I’m a creative kid at heart.  I’ve been drawing, painting, crafting and sewing for as far back as my memories reach.  I get it from my mom.

The Christmas before Lewie was born (uh, 3 years ago by now) I cut a photo out of a craft magazine which showed rug hooked chair pads which I  thought were too cute.  Actually, it was an ll bean catalog if I recall correctly.  Anyway, they caught my eye as a great gift idea for my mom for Christmas.  Now I should tell you, I find that thinking of great Christmas gift ideas  for my mom is hard.  I mean she buys anything she wants and she is the queen of great gift giving.  So I challenge myself to think of great gifts for her.  Well, as I said it’s a challenge, but I saw the “whah haah” bright light, cue the music vision of new handmade chair pads for her dining room table.  Not purchased from that catalog, no way.  Buy chair pads when I obviously could figure out how to make those  myself, are you nuts!  Oh, did I mention I was 8 months pregnant?  Yeah I’d have time to make 8 wool rug hooked chair pads.  Insert reality check here?  Nope, not yet.

so I’m ambitious and I set off to make them.  I even took my frame to the hospital when I went in labor to have Lewie.  Oh so ambitious.

well, here I am 3 yeas later and I’m still working on her chair pads one at a time.  so far I have I think 4 made and given to her.  Here is one more I’m finishing.


Each time I give her another chair pad, I laugh joking that it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

the best part is she loves them.  And I love giving them to her.  Now time to get going on the next one.

oh and by the way, no I did not actually work on anything while in the hospital after having Lewie via emergency c-section.  Yes, now you can insert the reality check.

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