My Babes

One Last Nice Day

We’re having a mild fall this year.  Well, mild minus our recent stretch of 10 degree temps – – Yikes!  We had a lovely sunny warm afternoon last week.  Jack was napping and Lewie was due for his nap, but . . . . . . it looked so nice outside and I couldn’t resist, knowing this could be our last warm (warm compared to 10 degrees that is) day this year.  So, I made an executive Mommy decision and bundled Lewie and outside we went.  Whoo Whee.


We hadn’t put away our swings yet.  Bonus!

In case you’re wondering what that, uh hat is on his head, that is his bull hat.  It’s a bull head with horns and it is so stinkin cute!  And warm.  I know, how’d I get so lucky to have such adorable kids?  I gave them all I had!  HA.


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