Things are coming together

What a great feeling when the stars align and everything begins to fall into place.

Yesterday turned out to be that kind of day for me, your trusty designer, Julie, here at Patch Abilities land. As you may or may not know, I’m working on the newest Monthly Mini series which consists of 12 new designs.  But what you may not know is that my creativity cannot stop once I have the 12 new designs wrapped up.  A whole new set of hangers must accompany the new cuties and guess who comes up with those?  Yep, you’re looking at her.  And invitably there are a few embellishments in the form of buttons that will complete the designs.  My favorite “go to” source for custom buttons is Just Another Button Company.  They are terrific to work with and their buttons are one of a kind handmade and beautifully detailed creations.  I found myself in need of buttons that did not exist, and so the creativity kicks in again and I sketched my button wishes out, sent them to JABC and patiently waited . . . . . And waited.  You know how it is when you watch that pot of water, it seems to take forever.  Be patient girl.

well yesterday my pot of water began to boil.  Yee haw!  I took a few pictures to show you the creative process.


I am sure y ou can guess what one of these buttons are, but can you figure out what the other two buttons might be?  Insert jeopardy jingle here.

okay you’ve waited long enough.  Here’s what they are for:


Yes! Yes!  Are you as excited as me?  I now have a dragonfly and a butterfly body button.  Whew. I wasn’t going to piddle with appliqués for those. Can you imagine stitching around those!?  Yeah, neither could I, so I had buttons made.  Cee-yute!  The ghost was obvious. At least I thought it was.  Ha.

Ah, so this turns out to be a nice sneak peek at 3 of the new Monthly Minis designs.  They are still in the writing process, due to release February 1st, at a great quilt shop near you.

And so my yesterday turned into awesomeday, as my wait for bug bodies was over.

May other things came together yesterday as well which I’ll share in another post.  Days like that are powerful for me, perhaps you too.  They remind me that it’s important to keep stepping forward each and every day towards my goals because some days all  those steps add up to a big jump.  Woo hoo.

I am reminded of a quote by Yosemite Sam: “he was jumpin like a toady frog”.

May you jump like a toady frog today.


p.s. Watch for more MM sneak peeks in the weeks to come, both here and on our Facebook page.

For more product info about the buttons, check out JABC’s website:  www.justanotherbuttoncompany.com

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