Lewie’s a big boy

Jeepers!  These babies grow fast.

I can’t recall the last pic I posted of Lewie, but my guess it didn’t look anything like this.  Yowza.  He is a little man these days.  Take for instance this photo I took this morning of him brushing his teeth.


He’s been at the stage where he wants to do things Mommy is doing . . . . so I try to watch what I’m doing . . heh hem.  Thankfully I’ve taught him to brush his teeth (started when he first got a mouth full of teeth as a bitty baby) and now he likes to brush his teeth with me while I’m getting ready in the morning.  He also likes to pose and then review the newly taken pictures of himself on my phone or camera.  What a ham.

So, if you’ve wondered how my babies are doing, they are growing like weeds.  And yes, we still have Jack – I just didn’t think to snap a quick pic of him this morning as he was climbing on everything in the livingroom.  I’ll get ‘cha a peek at Jack soon, I promise.

Oh, and just a little note to explain my sudden focus on blogging.  Over the summer, while buried under a mountain of biz tasks that there sending me into crazytown, I made the bold move to reach out for help: first in the form of an acquaintance that had previously expressed interest in “helping me out” and that lead to me meeting a gal who was interested in a career change (enter Sabra, my new assistant/customer service gal).  These 2 ladies I’ve welcomed onto the Patch Abilities team are helping to decrease the pile on my plate.  Good!  Cuz I can’t eat all of that.  Reaching out for help was what I needed to do . . . I just didn’t have the time to do it – – ha!  Oxymoron alert.  (I did not just call you a moron . . . hmmm.)


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