Lewie & Jack

The title of this post reads like a book about the michievious adventures of two brothers . . . . . perhaps one day – ha.

I snapped a photo of Jack last night, as he was playing and cooing on his floor mat.  However, (here’s the Mommie disclaimer again) Lewie was intentionally bumping me again so the picture does not depict Jack in focus, nor does it show his adorableness shine thru.  But it’s an updated pic nonetheless.  Jack is now @ 2 1/2 months old. Oh, and “is that hair” you may be asking.  Yes, he has a full noggin of light brown hair!  Born with it and has not lost it.  I love to make it stand up after a bath so that he looks like he’s been riding in a convertible.  HA HA!  Love his hair!!!


And next is a new one of Lewie.



My Mom made Lewie an apron out of Cat in the Hat material from her shop Merrys Stitchins.  He wouldn’t wear it at first, until he saw me put on my apron.  So now when I am cooking or baking, I invite him to help mommy.  He gets out his Cat in the Hat apron, we get him his own bowl, measuring spoons and a shaker of spices (closed of course, but he pretends). And, he’s sort of a ham so he’ll stop and pose a bit for me when I tell him I need a picture of him.  Can you feel my mommy pride? 


  I love this pic because it shows him in action.  How cute.  Lewie is 2 now and smarter than I can comprehend some days.  He has his own tablet which he browses the internet for ABC videos and plays games I’ve downloaded for him.  Yeah!  I know!  A 2 year old who operates a tablet . . . on his own!  He showed Gramma how to unlock it last week.  I’m pretty sure by now that the reason for me losing my mind after having babies is because I’ve passed all my intelligence onto them and didn’t keep any for myself!  Buh-ha-ha-ha-ha!

So there are my two little boys folks.

3 thoughts on “Lewie & Jack

  1. Both looking good! I love that your are training Lewie to help in the kitchen already. That will make him a great husband some day – lots loter!


  2. Okay, should have spell checked myself on that last post. Should be “you are training” and lots “later”. So sorry about the mistakes! 🙂


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