Where oh where are the photos of the baby?

I’m guessing most of you know I was pregnant with my second ‘lil boy and I’m also gonna take a stab at guessing that you can figure out that by saying “was pregnant” that he arrived safely (as if he was coming by plane or train).

So where oh where are the photos of this new lil bundle of joy?  The photos are in the same place that my brain and sense of organization are in . . .. they are in “I’m a gonna” land.  Welcome to motherhood I’m told. HA

But, I’m starting to see thru the fog and so for the past few days I’ve made an effort to take some pics of “Jack” as well as some updated ones of Lewie. These 2 little cutie pie’s get all my attention these days (insert significant husband jealousy here) and who can blame me, I mean look at these boys.


Here is Jack in his swing here at the office.  Does he look drunk?  He’s drunk with love for his Mommie – right back at’cha babe!

Jack is now 5 weeks and a couple days into this crazy world and he tells me he’s lovin’ it. =)

His big brother Lewie has adjusted quite well I must say – he enjoys his new role as Big Bro.  Yesterday he learned that he has a new fondness for double chocolate chip cookie dough.  Yum Lewie!  Image Yes, there has been a serious lack of blog postings for the past 2 months, but I have a feeling these photos make up for lost time.

Who has time to think about . . . well anything but these two handsome fellas?  Exactly!

So there you have it – a photo of baby “Yack” as Lewie calls him & lil Lewie too.  My boys.  Ahhh, I love motherhood.

3 thoughts on “Where oh where are the photos of the baby?

  1. Congratulations!!!!! on your new little bundle of joy. I was wondering what happened to you. Now I know that you definitely have your hands full. Enjoy them, they don’t stay little long.


  2. Okay, we forgive you! Those are great pictures. Jack looks like he might just be waking up after a nap or fighting taking a nap. Lewie with his double chocolate looks very happy! And those blue eyes are going make him a lady magnet. Ya done good! Enjoy them! And sleep when you can.,


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