New Book is finally ready

Well, I see my last post was at the end of August.  Hmmm.  I vowed to blog much more often didn’t I.  Now let me think . . . .how can I make it up to you all?  OOHHH I know!  Show you the new book that’s been consuming all my time since  . . . uh let’s say the end of August.  Oh yeah, the book is finally ready and I am especially proud since I did the entire thing myself.  Yep, the writing, the graphics, the layout, the photography.  I’m a Jane of all trades what can I say.  How about I stop jabbering and show you the book?

holidaysathomeIt’s called “Holidays at Home” and it features 9 projects:  3 skinnies, 3 table runners and 3 door banners (or wall hangings).  The 3 skinnies are actually a few of my oldest patterns that I’ve always wanted to do bigger and better, and so what better way to “bigger” them than in this book.  This is, by the way, the first book published by Patch Abilities Inc.  Yes, the very first. . . . . of many to come I believe. (smile)

I bet you’d like to see all of the projects in the book, so here they are:


and here is the rest, as shown on the back cover of the book:


I’ve used a few hangers of course, and there are some buttons used on the poinsettias of the “Joy” table runner and “Noel” door banner.

Here are the hangers (by Ackfeld Mfg.)  featured in the book:

12i overdoor christmas12″ MERRY CHIRSTMAS OVER THE DOOR




25842 25832


The 14″ door holders fit upon the first Merry Christmas hanger.  What makes them special or handy, is that they turn an ordinary hanger into a hanger that can go on your door without pounding a nail into the door.  Whoo Whee!  Yes, they are nifty.

The book is $20 plus shipping.  Click here to order from our website:


All of the hangers and button packs are available also.  They are shown below the book in the “suggested products” area on the webpage.

And for those of you who are not fans of “Pay Pal”, when you checkout on the website, look below the pay pal area for the option to simply pay with your credit card.

There.  That’s what has kept me from blogging over the past month.  Was it worth the wait?  HA!

Thanks as always.  I hope you enjoy the book.


2 thoughts on “New Book is finally ready

  1. YEA! So excited. Cant wait to order. But I drive a school bus and dont have my credit card with me. Darnit. Be back soon to order.


  2. I now have the book. It’s fantastic! Thank you so much for publishing it – now I can work with more ideas and I can hardly wait to see what the 2014 monthlies are going to be. Keep up the fantastic work. P.S. When is the new son to arrive?


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