New Sewing Table!

We women are guilty of it.  Making due with what we have, despite there being a better product that perfectly suits our need.  Hmmm.  Must be a genetic thing.

So, I’ve been sewing on pretty much any table which appears to be the correct height, both here at the office and at home.  I never gave it much thought.  Actually, I’ve always complained to my Mom that I cannot sit and sew for more than say an hour at a time, because I get this burning pain across the back of my shoulders.  I have often asked her how she can sit and sew ALL DAY?!  WTH!  Why can’t I?

Imagine, you’re a quilt pattern designer by trade.  I mean, seriously, my livelihood depends upon me sewing up new designs.  Duh!  How can I not enjoy sitting for lovely long periods of time . . . just me, my fabric, my sewing machine and my oh-so-very anticipated new design in process?????  Yes, I know what you’re thinking and it puzzled me too.

I wasn’t looking for an answer to my “burning shoulder/short sewing stint” dilemma, but keep your eyes open, I say, and you’ll see something new.  So one day while at my Mom’s (who is the owner of the most fabulous quilt shop in all of Iowa – Merry’s Stitchins) she asked if I would assemble her new sewing table for her.  Yes of course I will, if she’ll snuggle on Lewie while I’m busy.  She was already snuggling on him, just as she is seen here after a bath:

ImageHe is just too cute for words folks!  But, on with the story.  So, I get her table all put together and my oh my is it nice and large with an insert for your machine.  Plus is has a clear insert that cradles your machine, so that when it’s set properly, sits flush with the table and machine.  Thus, you have one large level sewing/maneuvering area.  Holy crap!  How snazzy is that?  I said “I could really use one of these.”  Because as I said, I had been making due and using any table to sew upon and my total sewing surface was the little 4″ x 6″ piece that snapped onto my machine.  What was I thinking??!!

Well, a couple weeks later, the quilting fairy delivers a new large sewing table and insert right to my door!  I must be a good girl.  HA!

So – my hubby Chad helped me adjust the height of the insert this morning so I could work on the applique of one of the new designs for the book. . . . and TAH DAH!  Here is my new sewing table!


Look how the entire project is level!  OMG!  How will I act?  Giddy, that’s how!

ImageAnd here it is from another angle – you can see what a huge field of work space it is!  Yowza!  So cool, so awesome and so mine!

I forgot to mention it is height adjustable, so I can just crank it up or down.  Crank it up for a nice cutting table, or lower it to sew.  What a deal.

Here’s the table info, in case you’re interested in upgrading your sewing table.  The company is Kangaroo Kabinets/Arrow Sewing Cabinets.  This table is the:

Tasmanian Height Adjustable Table

Tasmanian Height Adjustable Table

And here is the web page which it can be found upon.  http://www.kangarookabinets.com/gallery/photo/8/

I know that these tables are only available thru a shop, as they are just too huge and expensive to ship to homes.  I only know of one quilt shop that sells them . . . . my Mom’s shop here in Iowa carries them.  So, if you will be in the area of Jesup, IA you can snatch one up at “Merry’s Stitchins.”  Or call their shop:  319-827-6703.  I’m sure you could contact the company to find a dealer near you if a trip to Jesup, IA is just a bit out of the way.  HA.

So, that’s my new tool folks!  I love it already.  My skill level has bumped up a couple notches simply by default.  Hmmm.  What am I capable of now, I ask myself?

Thanks for peeking in on me.  ~Julie

7 thoughts on “New Sewing Table!

  1. Wow! I could really use a table with all that space. I can TOTALLY relate to the burning shoulder experiences. My husband says that it’s because my sewing machine is to high. I have it sitting on top of an existing cabinet that is not made for that type of machine. I would love to have a work table that could be flush with the sewing machine table.


  2. Neat table! Being able to change the height should get rid of that Burning Shoulders problem. Love the little project you have on the machine! 🙂


  3. We are having a terrible time attaching the crossbeam piece. Have been on the phone all morning with Arrow…..any insights?


    1. Yikes Donna. It’s been awhile since we put mine together. I dont recall any problems with it, sorry that I can’t be of help. I remember more issues with getting the sewing machine drop part just right.


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