Little Moments

I still think of myself as a “new” Mom.  When exactly will I no longer think of myself as new?  I ask this question frequently.  I guess, some day when Lewie is going off to kindergarten, will I not feel like a “new” Mom anymore.  I’m not in a hurry to shed my self-given title though, because it keeps me on my toes and searching for creative activities to do with him – you know how when you’re new at something you’re soaking it all up.  I’m determined as a new Mom to find special ways to play with Lewie and give him fantastic experiences as a toddler.  So, this morning Lewie woke up at 5:30 am – just a bit earlier than usual – HA!  We snuggled for a while until our bellies began to growl with hunger.  A bowl of cereal and a banana and we were ready to start our day.  Our babysitter comes at 8:30 so we had a couple hours to play together.

Now comes the fun part.  This morning was nice and cool outside (a nice change from the summer heat).  We have a hot tub on our deck and I had gotten Lewie a life vest with built in swim trunks and sadly we have not tried them out before this morning.  Well, this “new” Mommy was jumping with excitement as we were getting ready to jump in the hot tub together – his first time in water beyond the bath or kiddie pool.  I am very happy to report that it was a hit!  We bobbed in the tub and he even let me lay him on his tummy and pull him around making motor boat sounds.  Such fun!  I wish I had a picture of us in the tub together, but Dad had already left for work.  I was at least able to snap a shot of Lewie just after we’d gotten out of the hot tub and closed the lid.  He was just too stinkin’ cute in this little get-up to not snap a picture of him.

ImageImageYep, I was right.  He is a cutie in his suit.  By the way, this was taken at 7am this morning.  Needless to say he was pooped out at 8 am and snoring by 8:15.

I’ll end this post with a little news flash.  Lewie will be getting a baby brother for Christmas this year.  And my pattern stuffing crew grows – ha ha!


3 thoughts on “Little Moments

  1. I say congrats on the coming new little one! With luck, the second one will be just as cute as the first one and will help you to even more fantastic patterns!


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