Working on a new book?

As a quilt pattern designer, one of the top 5 questions and or suggestions (whichever way it was presented to me) I’ve been asked thru the years has been “when is Patch Abilities coming out with a book”.

Now, I must tell you that I truly do listen to all of your questions and suggestions.  Even if I don’t act on a suggestion right away, it doesn’t mean I have dismissed it as a dumb suggestion.  On the contrary, I take those suggestions and file them away in my creative memory bank.  And over my 9 years of designing patterns, I have thought about doing a book on several occasions.  Wait, back up the boat!  I’ve been designing patterns for nearly 10 years??  Holy crap!  That topic deserves a blog in and of itself, so I’ll save that for a future blog.  Hmmm, now my wheels are turning.  HA!

So, back to the original topic (because I easily get distracted).  A book.  Yes, I am working on a book.  I’ll still design single patterns, but lately I feel it’s time to step up my game a bit here at Patch Abilities Inc.  For me, that will mean working on some creative projects that have been in the back of my mind for a long time.  Projects like:  table runners, larger door banners, some designs in wool.

And so where will the book come in?  At the moment I’m working on expanding on a few of my earliest designs into table runners and larger door banners.  Some of my designs spark other ideas for me.  I have not acted on those “other ideas” before now, out of fear that my loyal followers would think I’m just regurgitating my designs.  What does fear do?  It holds us back, so I’m turning my back on that fear and I’m working on these little cuties for my new book.


As I said, I’m taking a couple of my first designs, in this case my P73 Season’s Greetings pattern, and I’m going to expand on them.  This picture is a new sample in new fabrics of my original Season’s Greetings pattern.  It measures 6″ x 22″.  It really needed a fresh new sample – especially because on the original sample, I used a heat fusible metallic ribbon, which is no longer available to me.  Besides, I like my embroidered words much better anyway.  This is not the greatest picture quality as it was taken quickly for this post, but you get the idea.


And now here is the “expanded” version of Season’s Greetings.  This is a much larger door banner, designed to hang on a 12″ hanger with over the door hooks (not shown in this photo, but will be in the book)  This measures 12″ x 34″ approximately and will be hanging on my door this Christmas.  I just love it!  My original pattern sparked this idea, along with another (a sneek for another blog post).  I think this door banner size will be just perfect for every front door and especially for folks living in assisted living homes or nursing homes.  I know there are many quilters that make my little hangings to grace the door of their family members living in nursing homes.  That makes me smile thinking that my designs are created out of love for loved ones.  Ahhh.

This door banner will be in the book.  It is not a single pattern, nor is it available now.

I’m scheduling the book to be out by October 1st of this year.  If I can stay on task and organized, hopefully I can beat my own deadline and release it sooner.

So, I’m at the end of my chattering for today and I have a question for you.

When you are considering buying a book of quilt projects for the average price of $20, how many projects do you expect to get in the book?

Those of you wishing to enter your “opinion” in the comment area, will be placed into a random drawing for a chance to win one of my new patterns “MM612 Hang My Stocking With Care”


6 thoughts on “Working on a new book?

  1. My first off the top of my head thought was ten. I based that on assuming narrow wall hangings or table runners. But then ….. It is just my guess.


  2. I’d say 10-12 and this is actually a good thing for those of who love your patterns and have almost a complete set of the monthly minis.


  3. Yes!!!!! 10 or 12 would be good and not all the same size. I would like to see more of the 12 x 14 size and have adapted some of the skinny ones to fit the 12 x 14 hanger.


  4. I would LOVE to have a book of the 12 X 14 inch size quilts for the tabletop stand. Having one for each month of the year would be awesome! Heck, I’ve already got the stand. So, that would be 12 or so, right?


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